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The Howling Wind- Of Babalon

Posted by underground.realm on July 18, 2012 at 5:45 PM

By K.T

The Howling wind is a black metal band from the USA, with three full lengths, two EPs and one demo in it’s discography. During the last five years they kept amaze us because of their chaotic albums. This year, they come back to play some experienced black metal, with their album ‘Of Babalon’.

‘Of Babalon’ crafts the unique atmosphere of mystic and occult, surrounding the listener with classic black metal roots combined with most recent sounds that characterize our century’s black metal. The wedding of the drum’s blasting with the hell inspired melodies of the guitar give birth to a magical musical background which enables a black illusion filled with occultism. The lyrical themes refer to magic, inner power, other-world and the occult. All of the above create the portrait of terror on the one hand and inner repose/powerfulness on the other, all by the hands of The Howling winds duo.

Songs like ‘The seal upon the Tomb’ and ‘The mountain view’ are consisting of aggressive, rhythmical drums coming along with black metal’s signature guitar melodies, while others such us ‘Abominations and filth’ are elemental with fast-driven fits and starts. Melodies in songs like ‘Scaling the walls’ hallucinate and travel the listener to subconscious places, reflecting the cosmic philosophy of black metal, which continues on and on for decades. Madness and power, vision and calmness, anger, darkness and, simultaneously, light, all in bipolar emotions popping out as the music goes on.

‘Of Babalon’ is likely to have you stuck to its magical drawing power, being an enjoyable and unique black metal creation.


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